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09 Mar 2014


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Yesterday Bryan Dempler came to Alameda to interview Mike Schmitt (Above w/ Egg The Dog) & Miles Mathia (Below w/ birds & trees). He’s been filming interview’s with a bunch of the homies as he’s shadowed us over the last couple weeks. There’s been talk of a possible collaboration between the two of us on finishing up the Fixed Freestyle Documentary I started a few years back. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler

04 Mar 2014


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Today I spent some time hanging out and riding w/ my good friend Bryan Dempler. We filmed parts of an interview & explored some uncharted terrain along the train tracks here in San Francisco. Between kicking rusty cans of paint and hopscotching around dirty syringes Bryan managed to capture these nice shots on our adventurous lunch break. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos and an interview from video him coming out in the next few weeks. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler

05 Aug 2013


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Ed Wonka recently did an interview w/ Dose on Network A. In it he talks about the end of Grime Bikes, the birth of Fixed Freestyle, and what got him into riding in the first place. I shot a few of the clips used in here, and am stoked to see Ed shredding again after coming off 2 broken wrists. That bodega on his corner makes some killer sandwiches and the mozzarella sticks at Crowns are the truth.

24 Sep 2012


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Jason Finn from Pedal Consumption met up w/ Jeff Dempler at interbike this year, and did an exclusive interview w/ the man of steel himself. Check it out HERE Stoked to see so much content coming from Jeff.

20 Mar 2012


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Last night I had a chance to sit down and interview the man who got me into riding fixed gear, and taught me the basics. Colin, aka “Gonzo” has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and is the one person who inspired me to ride the most. I caught this photo of him sliding a Luc-e grind on this steep downhill ledge in SF. Read more

09 Feb 2012


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Today I pulled out some unused photos and interviewed Wheel Talk’s very own, Scott Horton. He was one of the 1st good friends I made through riding fixed, and has been there since the beginning. Here’s a little look at the man behind the bike. Read more