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16 Apr 2014


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The day before we release the video for free online, our friends in China are hosting a Word Is Bond video premiere at the Prophet Store in Canton. This is your last chance to see the video before everyone else, so don’t miss out. If you don’t live in China either buy a plane ticket out there or wait like the rest of us.

03 Apr 2014


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This is it folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s the official dates for the Turf Bikes “Word Is Bond” Video Premieres. We’ll be having 2 events before the internet release on April 20th. The San Francisco Premiere will be at Lower Branch in the Tenderloin. Admission will be 2 dollars and we’ll be having a photo exhibition as well. Dave Beard, Ed Wonka & I collaborated to compile some of the better photos we’ve shot this year. On April 12th we’re having another ride / premiere in San Jose. We’re meeting up in Down Town SJ around 4 and riding spots until we head over to iMiNUSD. Doors open at 7:30 and the video starts at 8PM. Read more below for links to maps of each location, and the last couple ads of each member of the Turf Mob.
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01 Apr 2014


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I saw this photo on Froots of our good friend Seitaro Iki at the Devour Films Exhibition that’s going on all this week. It’s rare to see prints of digital photos which is why I was stoked when I saw Say standing next to a photograph he took of Devon Lawson & I (Matt Reyes) while he lived in SF. Check out more HERE

27 Dec 2013


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Today I did some digging though our archives and came across this post that was put together but never published. I figured there’s no time like the present, and that we better get this out there before we enter into the new year. A while back Jeff Dempler made it down to Venice Beach, in Southern California for the 2013 Summer Fix. He spent most of his time behind the camera capturing most of the madness that went down that weekend. Jakob Santos blew everyone away with the huge wallrides he was blasting out of the quarter pipe against the handball court. Elliott Milner destroyed the flat rail, Joe Mckeag clicked some dialed tabletops, and our dude Valentin Racho threw barspins over just about every obstacle there. Click the “Read More” button below to check out the rest of Jeff’s photo set. Read more

06 Sep 2013


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Devon Lawson completely dominated the bunny hop contest at the 9 States Jam by clearing 100cm (1meter). Which was completely mind blowing to me, I took one look at it and knew there was no way I was clearing it. He won the bunny hop contest, and I won the Jam, it was a dual WT finish, and a happy one at that. You can tell by the look on his face in the bottom shot. Head over Bob_Woods’ flickr to check out some of the other photos he took at the jam. Photos : Bob_Woods (top) / Froots (bottom)

06 Sep 2013


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Our journey to Japan for the 9 States Jam was by far the most exciting trip I’ve ever been on. I was real stoked to hang out and ride with everybody at the jam. I’m pretty sure we slapped a Wheel Talk sticker on every bike in the place. Not to mention laced everybody up with Breezy Excursion & Us Versus Them gear. It’s good to see that the Fixed Freestyle scene in Japan is alive and well. See more of the photos Bob_Woods took HERE. Photo Credit : Bob_Woods

06 Sep 2013


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Jaoa Danaikrit‘s unique style made him an instant stand out at the 9 States Jam in Japan. Throwing tricks like tailwhips, whiplashes, nose manual barspins, as well as some of the cleanest ice picks anyone has ever seen. Check out more of Bob_Woods’ photos from the jam HERE. Photo Credit : Bob_Woods

07 Aug 2013


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On August 21st Devon Lawson and I (Matt Reyes) are flying out to Japan with Seitaro Iki to take part in a couple of events and do a 9 State tour across the country. We’ll be in Nagasaki at Koe Skatepark to ride in the Nine States Jam on August 25th 2013, and will be in Tokyo for the last few days of our trip. We’re both real stoked to be a part of this and check out the Fixed Freestyle scene outside of our own backyard. If you live out in Japan and want to ride with us, shoot me a message HERE and we’ll try to meet up sometime during our 2 week stay.

10 May 2013


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I shot video in between heats of everybody during the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style, but managed to catch a couple photos of Steven Jensen practicing foot jams during warm ups. He wooed the crowd by doing pogos in footjam for a minute, before riding fakie down the other side. Steven is the master of the funky combos and technical tricks, he’s always getting weird and pulling tricks out of his ass. Watching him ride continues to amaze me, and will always inspires me to be more creative.

09 May 2013


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Here’s the official Ride & Style 2013 video put together by Red Bull. I always enjoy the recap that they put together each year because they take the time to interview the riders, and help fill in the blanks for people who may not know anything about the bike or event. Justin Herman Plaza is one of those places that is on lock down everyday of the year except this one. This is the one day we get to ride one of the most scenic parts of San Francisco. I’ve heard whispers of them moving the event to another city, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Can’t wait until next year.