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First off I’ll start by saying how good it feels being back in California. A place where the sun and weather are on your side. The Mexican food tastes fucking awesome and you can step outside in a t-shirt. All things I took for granted. Until now that is. I’ve been loading up on burritos and soaking up the sunshine now that both those things are readily available.

Last weekend I drove down to Norwalk to meet up w/ the boys. JBALL and Deacon Wong managed to get me in a car to actually drive to a spot. 9 Freeways later and there I was. Standing in a parking lot with Deacon waiting 2 hour for JBALL to arrive. Haha. Somebody get this mans a watch. It’s a good thing Deacon brought with him every toy imaginable: scooter, mini fixie, skateboard, etc. Actually that’s not that much, but in my mind he might as well have brought a pogo stick. All that being said, I’m glad he did because it really helped pass the time.

After sessioning some school for what felt like forever, we rode out in search of spots in neighborhood. First up was this rail that JBALL hopped with ease. (see photo for details) Then we went to this out ledge that was pretty rounded and made it difficult to grind. Stay on your grind. A young @CHASEFGFS came out and showed us what he’s made of. I snapped this sequence of him and wish I shot more because the kid is amazing. Once everyone had their fill, we made our way to the top of this parking garage where we ended the day. (Or at least I did, I think they went and rode a skatepark afterwards) On the drive home Slam Dunk Ernie talked about how much fun we had and some of the aireal clips we shot of Marco Marquez. We’ll have to do it again soon. Until next time fam.



Slam Dunk Ernie has a bike of his own, and this is it. Shortly after breaking my collar bone, MASHSF came out with their front rack / bag combo. Immediately knew I’d have to scoop one up for Big Ern. He loves it btw. Anyways here’s what my Affinity LoPro setup currently looks like. It’s really starting to feel dialed in. Everything from the gray Musguards to the gray/white water bottle setup. I really enjoy riding this bike and even more so when Ernie is on it. Check out a full parts breakdown below.

FRAME: Affinity Cycles LoPro
Front Rack: MASHSF
Front Rack Bag: MASHSF X Inside Line Equipment
HANDLEBAR: Chromag Bikes OSX FUBAR (One Off Colorway)
FENDERS: Musguard
FORK: All City
STEM: Chromag
GRIPS: ODI Longnecks
SADDLE: Broken
CRANKS: Sram Omniums 165mm
BB: Sram GXP
PEDALS: Shadow Conspiracy
CHAINRING: 48T Stock Sram
COG: 16T
CHAIN: Izumi
FRONT TIRE: 32c Continental Gator Skin
REAR TIRE: 32c Continental Gator Skin
FRONT WHEEL: Found road bike wheel
REAR WHEEL: The first fixed gear wheel I ever bought



Take it or leaf it. Last winter we made a video of everybody’s favorite Maltipoo in the snow and this year we decided to shoot another little jammer as the seasons were changing. You can’t play in yellow snow, but you sure can play in yellow leaves. Fall is a special time in Portland and we really wanted to film something of Ernie playing in a sea of leaves while we could. The trees are bare now, but this video will help us remember what things looked like on a windy day at “The Rose Gardens” in Peninsula Park.



“Want to go on a long bike ride in Industrial North West with me?” This was the message I got from Devin Tolman right when I got back into town from Vacation with the Fam. After a week of relaxing and not having a bike around it felt good to get back on the saddle. Ernie came with us… Naturally.

I can’t believe that Summer is rounding out to a close and that it’s already starting to look like fall here in Portland. The leaves are beginning to change, it’s rained the last couple days, and we’re already back to the constant layer of clouds blocking out the sun. But you know what? I couldn’t be happier about it. Portland looks the best under these conditions and I’m really glad Devin Tolman got met out there to enjoy it. He’s one of the few friends I have who has an equal passion for photography and exploring places that say “No Trespassing”. Like that ever stopped anyone. lulz.



I haven’t been able to carry @SLAMDUNKERNIE around with me in the bag like usual due to this broken shoulder. The solution, the new MASHSF X ILE Front Rack + Front Rack Bag setup. Last Sunday, Jaoa Danaikrit and I rode to the edge of Oregon and stared at Washington across the Colombian River. Ernie is stoked on his new bag, he tells me all the time. He’ll do just about anything to come along and starts jumping up at the front rack every time I walk up to my bike now. More to come later, until then enjoy these shots of Jaoa & Ern-dawg.



Yesterday, SLAM DUNK ERNIE & I linked up with some of the boys (Christian, Gavin, Avery & Hayato) in downtown Portland and rode to the Eastside in search of stoke and a place to park it. We ended up riding through the industrial area and underneath the bridge before making our way to Laurelhurst Park to ride the dirt step up. These are some of the first few images I’ve shot and edited from the Sony A7III I just picked up. I’m really hyped to have a new digital camera to play with after shooting on the same setup for the last 8 years. Scroll down and check out more photos below.



Roll Up & Roll Out Number 2 was a huge success. When Ernie & I got to the meetup spot I couldn’t believe that there were already a dozen people hanging out waiting for others to arrive. I thought there might be one or two more people since the last ride, but I was honestly wasn’t expecting 10 more people and 20 more wheels.

It’s really great to see that Portland has such a rad community of people on track bikes. We’ll have to keep the ball rolling on this and set up another ride this weekend. Just checked the weather. Looks like it’s a go. What do you think? Same time, same place, new destination? We’ll be there on Sunday at noon underneath the westside of the Burnside Bridge. Be there or be square.

Check out a bunch more photos of Slam Dunk Ernie & the gang below. See y’all this weekend. (more…)


What started out as me linking up to ride with Christian Shultz turned into me trying to get a group ride going at the last minute. I didn’t expect much of a turn out. In fact I didn’t expect a turnout at all, but I figured this was as good a chance as any to at least get the ball rolling on the whole idea. I want to get a more regular fixie meetup going here in Portland. Especially as the days get longer the countdown to summer begins.

We met up under the Burnside bridge, I let Ernie outta the bag to take a quick poo. After which he felt lighter in my backpack. We cruised around downtown for a hot minute make more stops than miles ridden. I caught a bunch of great photos of both Christian & Ryan Jennings’ track builds. I’ll have a bunch of photos of Ryan’s bike coming real soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Somehow we managed to stumbled across the Women’s March right as it was beginning it’s walk through town. I jumped into the mix and caught a couple quick snapshots of some of people in the crowd. The Trump & Putin sign was definitely a fan favorite. Portland loves to protest. We’ll have to get another one of these rides happening real real soon. Aiming for the next week or two I’ll keep y’all posted.



First things first, everyone follow @SLAMDUNKERNIE. Glad we got that outta the way. There’s a couple things that I never leave the house without, and this bag is one of them. Not only does it fit my entire life, it holds one of the most important pieces of it. Ernie. The Warsaw 2.0 from Chrome Industries has more pockets than you’d ever know what to do with, as well as a couple hidden stash pockets. Very important. It’s my go to travel bag, and fits overhead as a carry on. Even more important. Whether it’s 3 months, or 3 hours this bag is there through it all.

Check out more photos below. (more…)