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Today I did some digging though our archives and came across this post that was put together but never published. I figured there’s no time like the present, and that we better get this out there before we enter into the new year. A while back Jeff Dempler made it down to Venice Beach, in Southern California for the 2013 Summer Fix. He spent most of his time behind the camera capturing most of the madness that went down that weekend. Jakob Santos blew everyone away with the huge wallrides he was blasting out of the quarter pipe against the handball court. Elliott Milner destroyed the flat rail, Joe Mckeag clicked some dialed tabletops, and our dude Valentin Racho threw barspins over just about every obstacle there. Click the “Read More” button below to check out the rest of Jeff’s photo set. (more…)


Joe McKeag’s transition game is so dialed, he really brought the heat at this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style. His spin tricks are so quick that if you blink at the wrong time, you might miss them. I can’t say this enough, big thanks to Zane Meyer and Omar Sebai for doing such a good job covering the event. You can thank them for these screen shots I’ve been posting. Joe was the only one to hit the hip on the big box, which he blasted a huge tabletop on (check below). (more…)


Joe McKeag was on a whole other level at this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style Comp. Throwing huge 5’s and crispy truck drivers off the big box jump like it was easy. All I have to say about McKeag’s riding is “Damn”. I couldn’t believe some of the tricks that were going down, the difference between BMX and Fixed Freestyle is quickly fading.

RIDE + STYLE 2012 | JOE 540

Everyone knows Joe McKeag can flick his bike around like it’s no big deal. This photo of him really shows how much spin and twisting it takes to get that bike around. His head is already all the way around, as he anticipates the landing.