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08 Sep 2015


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This morning I was clearing out the archives I came across these photos from when I first got on Bombtrack and started riding the DASH earlier this year. It’s been more than 7 months since then and I think it’s safe to say that this is by and far the best FGFS build straight outta the box that I’ve ever ridden. The small wheel base feels like a dream and makes it effortless to snap 360s around and sit off to the side of the bike. It’s a completely different beast to tame and has made me fall in love with FGFS all over again. Check out more photos below.

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27 Jul 2015


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On Saturday the FIXIEBOYZ408 packed their bikes, piled into a van and drove up to San Francisco to ride with us for the day. We met up at 3rd & Army, and then ventured into Hunters Point from there. Our goal was to work our way to Hilltop park and hit whatever spots we found along the way until eventually arriving at San Francisco’s oldest skatepark, The Dish. After that we roamed around the neighborhood until we came across this abandoned school with a bunch of unique things to ride. Keep your eyes peeled for footage of this day coming from both us and the Fixie Boyz themselves. // 07.18.2015
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27 Jul 2015


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Earlier in the day somebody asked if the skatepark was going to be crowded, but when we got there it looked like nobody had been there in years. Built in the 1970′s, “The Dish” is San Francisco’s oldest standing skatepark and is tucked away in the hills of Hunters Point. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s notorious for being one of hardest neighborhoods in SF, and isn’t a spot you’d want to show up and session by yourself. I shot a couple photos of Mike Schmitt doing these one footed table tops on the tumorous hump that bulged out of the center of the dish. Then I handed the camera off to him and he shot this photo of one of the local kids with me airing overhead in the background. We brought up the idea of hosting an event here, but haven’t decided. What do you guys think?
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03 Jun 2015


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The other day we all met up after work to kick it and get in a quick session before the sun went down in the city. I brought my camera along with me and caught a couple flicks of Ramon Antoino III clicking an XUP off this pizza ledge. He took a pretty heavy slam before taking his jacket off, circling around and nailing it for the clip. Lucas Bockelmann was there to capture it all and was the main reason why we decided to meet up in the first place. Check out another photo of the slam below and keep your eyes peeled for the clips in the next video Ratpack has cooking up.
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14 Apr 2015


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This is one of the spots in our neighborhood that we ride passed all the time but never stop to shoot. Michael Penrose and myself were about to do just that, when I decided to hit the breaks and circle back to catch a couple shots of him hopping into the alleyway. Filming with Penrose opened my eyes to the fact that we rarely shoot photos anymore. We’re constantly caught up in catching the clip before security comes through and gives us the boot. Now that we have multiple cameras on deck it’ll be easier having one devoted to shooting stills. Check out more photos below.
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03 Apr 2015


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Anthony Combs - FGFS - Premier Fits - Capone Bikes - Hoop Dreams 2
Anthony Combs - FGFS - Premier Fits - Capone Bikes - Into The Sun
Anthony Combs - FGFS - Fixed Gear Freestyle - Wheel Talk - Capone Bikes - Basket Ball Court Barspin
Everybody has dreams and Anthony Combs has dreams to one day sore high over the hoop and dunk his bicycle. With only seconds left on the clock we were able to capture a couple quick photos before the buzzer rang and he scored the game winning shot. Bringing home the title, saving the day and anything else sports related you can think of. He’s been riding Ed Wonka’s signature frame by Capone Bikes for a couple months now and has been real stoked on the upgrade. Be on the look out for a complete bike check of his build coming next week. Until then check out more photos below.
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03 Apr 2015


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For every spot they kill with caps or tear out completely, there’s another one that’s finishing up being built. The only trouble with that is riding it before they have a chance to realize what they’ve made and kill it with caps again. It’s a vicious cycle, but with all of the construction going on in SF, it’s easy to find something new. Here are a couple angles of Michael Penrose doing a smith line at a spot we just recently stumble across. Keep your eyes peeled for the clip in the upcoming Wheel Talk full length.
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06 Mar 2015


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Ed Wonka Laforte - Capone Bikes - Laforte Frame - Alley Way Barspin
A couple weeks ago I met up w/ Ed “Wonka” Laforte and cruised around San Francisco’s China Town. We wondered up and down the network of alleyways in search of spots that we may have previously overlooked. What Chi town lacks in french fires, it more than makes up for in congested streets riddled with trash & clothes hung out to dry. Ed has been riding his signature frame from Capone Bikes for a little more than a month now and has been going harder than ever on it. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos from this day coming soon.
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02 Feb 2015


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On thursday night we flocked to SOMA Skatepark like a pack of carnivorous seagulls and squeezed in a quick session after work. Attendance at the park is relatively mellow on a weekday and once the sun sets they turn on the lights making the place even brighter than it is during the day. Dee.Rock is a regular fixture here in the streets of San Francisco and always hangs out at the park to shoot photos of the locals shredding. I hit him up on instagram and he graciously sent me a bunch of shots from this session, check out more below. Photo Credit – Derek Chamberlain (Dee.Rock)
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18 Dec 2014


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Matt Reyes - San Francisco Wallride - BW 2014
Considering the fact that everybody posts old photos on thursday, here’s some dusty shots that Ramon Antonio III took of me riding in San Francisco a while back. There’s few tricks that offer the same kind of feeling as sitting sideways on a wallride. They’re an immediate go to trick and are a blast to sporadically smash walls on the daily commute around town. I’ve had a couple different run ins w/ SFPD who apparently don’t appreciate the trick as much as I do. I’ve hopped on the curb to catch a quick wallride in the past, then landed and looked up into the eyes of two police officers who immediately struck a pose and attempted to tackle me off the bike. Nothing a little swerve in the opposite direction can’t fix. Photo Credit : Ramon Antonio III
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