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19 Mar 2014


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I locked eyes on these photos of our dude Anthony Combs up on HMMRDWN and was hypnotized into posting them here. That haunting gaze and ice pick on the now famous Fixie Factory Rail somehow makes me want to eat some McDonalds. Strange. Photo Credit : Jason Sellers

15 Mar 2014


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If you’ve ever met Jaoa Danaikrit, then I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that he’s one funny ass dude. On our trip to Japan he decided he was going to ride down this rainbow slide at this nearly abandoned amusement park. That Fuck Your Life Tie Dye Shirt matches too well, which is probably why he felt the need to do it in the first place. Been on the lookout for more photos from the Wheel Talk Japan Trip.

13 Mar 2014


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Yesterday a building in the neighborhood I work in caught on fire and had the whole city talking. If you live anywhere near San Francisco I’m sure you saw pictures of the blaze or perhaps even took some yourself. Smoke could be seen billowing into the sky from across the Bay as the firefighters attempted to fight back the flames. Bryan Dempler & I showed up the next day to find that they were still hosing down the building from nearly every angle on the block. We hung out until we could tell they wanted us to jet, at which point we packed our bags and shot a couple more photos along the Muni tracks on 3rd Street. I wonder what’s for lunch tomorrow?
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler

10 Mar 2014


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I shot this photo of Devon Lawson doing a double tire ride along this rubber tube that was loosely attached to some wall in the Mission. There’s nothing like a Burrito from Los Coyotes to give you the energy of an ox and the strength of ten men.

07 Mar 2014


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On today’s outing I hung out with some of the local wildlife, caught a couple clips and enjoyed a burger Bay side w/ my good friend Bryan Dempler. I’ve been meeting up w/ him during lunch a lot lately, and it’s been a real refreshing way to break up the work week. We’ve been roaming all over the city. Picking a different part of town everyday, while stacking quite a bit of footage for a documentary he’s working on. Stay tuned for more day to day coverage of some behind the scenes shots.

06 Mar 2014


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Earlier today I met up with Bryan Dempler to film a couple more interviews for a documentary he’s been working on. Between work and sleep it’s hard to find the time to film. Especially when the sun sets before we’re even out. That being said we’ve been finding the time to get shit done during our lunch breaks. Check out a couple of these stills he took while we kicked it in China Town here in San Francisco. Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler

27 Feb 2014


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Seitaro Iki better know as “Say” has been living San Francisco for the last 10 months as he studied abroad and cut loose with us. I’m sad to say that today was his last day here in the States as tomorrow he flies back to his hometown of Fukuoka Japan. We enjoyed his final hours here by doing what we always do, hanging out and occasionally try a trick or two.

27 Feb 2014


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Dave Beard hooked it up with this exclusive photo of Mike Schmitt blasting a gap to wallride at the Alameda Skatepark a while back. I don’t think his back tire could get much higher up on that wall. Shout out to the team for looking alive and making a quick cameo in the background. Photo Credit : Dave Beard

26 Feb 2014


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Dave Beard is constantly taking photos on a range of cameras when he comes out riding with us. He took these medium format shots of me riding on the East Bay as we wrapped up filming for “Word Is Bond”. I enjoy the mystery of shooting on film, you never know how it’s going to turn out. That being said, there’s something suspicious going on in the bottom photo. Photo Credit : Dave Beard

19 Feb 2014


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Last weekend Mike Schmitt and I were in desperate need to get out of the house, so we grabbed our jackets and rode out into the rain. We headed to the abandoned military base near our house and came across some rather interesting spots. It’s been so long since it rained that I had almost forgotten how much fun it can be.