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November 2012


If you can’t tell or haven’t already heard me say it, I’ve been sifting through and editing some old photos that didn’t quite make the 1st cut. This shot of Josh Boothby hopping clean over the handrail at The Island here in San Francisco. Terry B is off to the left taking a photo on his phone from the comfort of his 20″ pop a squat. I’ll probably be sharing a bunch of older photos in the next coming weeks, so keep it posted.


Here’s a photo from when Oscar Kahn came across the pond to stay and ride w/ us here in the Bay Area. Although his stay seemed brief, Mike Schmitt and I got plenty of footage of him for Shredwell2. His holographic wrap job looks so fresh in person, and is damn near blinding in the sunlight. I miss Oscar, and can’t wait until his next visit. I heard word of a possible trip to London in March, gunna have to see what’s good with that, and go kick it w/ the dudes from Ninja Cats.


If you don’t already know, Mike Schmitt has been off his bike ever since we left Puerto Rico. I’m sure most of you have seen the horrifying pictures he’s been posting of his wound. Here’s a photo of him gapping out to feeble while we were on tour in LA (Los Angeles) filming for Shredwell2. Mike’s hubba game is unreal, I don’t know how he’s so calm hucking himself onto the things he does. His balls must weigh a ton.


Here’s an edit that Jeff & I filmed in the hour we spent riding at the local school in our neighborhood. All shot on location in Gilroy California moments before we ate our Thanksgiving dinners. I did a little introduction in the beginning, so I wouldn’t to spend the time writing up a post that nobody is going to read anyways. Sit back and enjoy this dual edit of the current Wheel Talk Team, Jeff and I.


I’m currently in the process of uploading a video that Jeff Dempler and I put together while we were back home for Thanksgiving. The school down the street from our house (Luigi Aprea) is one of my favorite places to ride. I’m not sure if the Xup in the bottom photo is clicked or not, what do you think?


Here’s a photo of Christian Hamrick that I had completely forgotten about until I came across it earlier today. Needless to say it sparked my interest, so I decided to do some digging to see what other gems I might come across. I’ll most likely be sporadically editing and posting a few of these photos in the coming weeks. Giving em’ a 2nd breath of life, if you will. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos from the grave.


AFC Uproar 2012 | Jeff Dempler Best TrickOur boy Jeff Dempler won the best trick contest with this perfectly executed Gap to Feeble 180 down the hubba. This is arguably the cleanest trick I’ve ever seen him do, which is probably why he walked away w/ the win. Big thanks to BHSK for putting together this animated gif of it, head over to iMiNUSD to check out more.


Bomb Hills Speed Kills did a pretty killer job covering the event, and personally I think the photos he shot from up top the crows nest turned out the best. Partially because of the unique angle and brightly lit background, which creates great contrast. BHSK has an established style and overall consistent look to his photographs. It’s the style of the photographer that tells you who shot it without having to read the photo credit. Check out more of his photos from the Pro Comp HERE.


Bomb Hills Speed Kills was at the event getting photo coverage of both days of competition. Here’s a shot that he took of Jeff Dempler from up in the judges booth. I feel like this was the 1st time I rode w/ Jeff in a while. Need to get him up in the city more often. Head over to Bomb Hills Speed Kills to check out more of the action.


Here’s another photo from the 2012 AFC Uproar that I pulled from Alberto Fox’s Flickr. I spent most of the time shooting video, and only took a few photo’s that day. Which is why I was stoked to see so many photos popping up from all over. Xup’s are another trick that I haven’t done in a while. I still need to check out the new skatepark they just built in SF, hit me up if you wanna roll w/.