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June 2012


iMiNUSD just posted these photos of me boosting over the benches out front of the shop as they were closing up for the day. I don’t always go down to San Jose, but when I do, I make a point to catch some content. Mike Schmitt and one of the local gromits helped me snag these shots. One to pop off the photo and the other to hold the flash, there’s nothing like a team effort. I’ll be in SJ this weekend if anybody wants to hang out and ride.


Here’s an old photo of Mike Schmitt back when he was still saddled up on his yellow G.O.A.T. He’s moved on to greener pastures since then, and is now on that gray scale tip. We found this huge up ledge while exploring Golden Gate Park a little while back. I haven’t seen the guys from The Grime in a hot min. Ed Wonka should be back from his trip to Thailand at some point today. Looks like I’m gunna have to make a trip down to SJ to shred w/ the boys.


Just started filming for a new web edit. I don’t have as much time to ride during the work week, so I’ll be filming mostly on the weekends. Lemme know if you’re in the city, and want to meet up to ride. I took this photo through the fire, while we were BBQing in the park the other day. There’s nothing like grilling up some burgers and dogs w/ the homies on a hot Summer’s day.


Last weekend we spent some time hanging out and BBQ’ing at the Pan Handle. Tobi managed to catch this shot of me riding this tree next to us, in between food + drinks. The Pan Handle is packed full of trees that are perfect for blasting up. It is by far my favorite park here in the city, and it’s where I spent a lot of time riding my track bike doing backwards circles back in the day. Photo Credit : Tobi Whaley


Joshua Boothby, Forest Parker and I spent some time riding around SF last weekend. We rode around hitting all the spots that are usually on lock down during the regular work week. With less security to give us the boot, we were able to get in a decent enough session at these usually untouchable street spots. Here’s a shot of Boothby throwing a three-sixty at the Federal Building towards the end of the day. I’ve been itching to get together a monthly meetup for a while now, and I think it’s about time I started putting it together.


Here’s a pretty old photo of Mike Schmitt catching a smith stall to fakie on this bank at an abandoned military bunker in the Presidio. You may recognize this spot from a SADIO Ad I put out a while back. We caught this photo that same day on a filming venture exploring some uncharted territory. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden with Mike, gunna have to make a trip down to SJ soon to session w/ the boys.


Tuck no handers are one of my favorite tricks in the book, here’s an old photo of Alex Blanco showing us that he’s got that one in the bag. Spread them fingers boy. He’s put in a ton of work since then, and recently got picked up by BreakBrake17. I can’t wait to see a solo edit from this guy.


I’ve been riding for Specialized Bikes for a little more than a year now, and in that time I’ve watched Fixed Freestyle progress to a point which I never thought it would reach. The line between BMX + Fixed Freestyle is quickly fading, as we continue to push both ourselves and what we consider to be the standards for a FGFS Frame. The rest of the guys from Wheel Talk and I have been helping Specialized develop the PFIX since the days of the 1st prototype. We’ve put a lot into this bike, and plan on continuing to improve upon it. Fixed Freestyle has come a long way since the days of pole jams, I can’t wait to see where we take it from here.


Here’s a shot of Josh Boothby hopping over a fire hydrant and into the street along the Embarcadero. Boothby has some of the biggest hops in the game, and makes it over even the biggest barriers with ease. It’s great having heavy hitters like him to ride w/ up here. I roll around w/ Josh more than anyone else here in the city, and he doesn’t even live in SF. East Bay All Day.


Hiro Nakajima was in San Francisco for Red Bull Ride + Style a little while back. I managed to catch up w/ him at “The Island” while Boothby and I were riding there a few weeks ago. He recently released an edit of his trip to SF. I always like seeing other people shred spots in my backyard. Check it out HERE.