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March 2012


I took this picture of Seitaro Iki and his Unknown, on his last day in San Francisco. He flew out here a few weeks ago to spend some time in his so called “Dream City”. He flew back home to Japan earlier today, I can’t wait until the next time he comes back to visit. Check out more photos HERE.


Today I met up with Forest Parker and rode around with him down town for a hot minute. In the half hour we were riding I snapped off this photo of him boosting off of this wedge in front of San Francisco’s City Hall. Putting on a show for the homeless guys sunbathing in the grass.


Colby Elrick put together this teaser for Chrome, of our trip down south filming for Shredwell2. This video barely even scratches the surface of the amount of footage we have piled up for this full length. It’s going to put Fixed Freestyle on a whole new level.


Ed Wonka will be back on his bike in two days, after undergoing three surgeries in the last month and a half. He’ll be coming back as strong as ever to pick up where he left off and finish filming for Shredwell2. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do after this tune up.


Last night I had a chance to sit down and interview the man who got me into riding fixed gear, and taught me the basics. Colin, aka “Gonzo” has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and is the one person who inspired me to ride the most. I caught this photo of him sliding a Luc-e grind on this steep downhill ledge in SF. (more…)


Here’s some shots of Destroy Bikes‘ Daniel Torres, better known as Danimal posted up next to his beefy 29er build. Gotta give it to him, I don’t know how he’s able to throw around that big boy bike as easily as he does. Believe me, I’ve tried, that shit aint easy. He’s got some hops on him to get up on that rail. It used to be all about who could hop the most stairs, now its who can grind the highest ledge/rail. What will it be next?


Here’s a shot that I caught of LDG‘s Forest Parker the last time it rained like mad here in the city. It’s been great having Forest live up in the city, it gives me someone else to ride w/ up here. I always see him shredding the red bricks out front of the Civic Center, and the banks at the Federal Buildings. Even in the pouring rain he still bust tricks like it’s dry out, can’t keep the man down.


Caught this footage of Ed Wonka riding a vinyl cruiser and hanging out w/ his dog Shades out front of his house in San Jose. He’s been off the bike while he recovers from a recent surgery on both wrists, and has been keeping busy any way he can.


Found this advertisement on iMiNUSD’s Blog this morning, here’s what they had to say. “Our boy JeffyD caught this photo of IMD Rider Matt Reyes ripping through this dirt berm at Calabazas a while back. We never used it for anything, so we decided to chop it up into this little ad. These guys sure do love dirt.” Credit : Jeff Dempler


Torey Thornton came up to SF w/ Mike Schmitt to catch some clips for a BB17 edit and hang out w/ everyone out here. Torey is a straight wild man both on and off the bike. We’re about to head out into the night to catch some clips before this week of rain hits.