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February 2012


I’ve been running the same pair of Sadio Swoop Cranks for the past 9 months now, and I haven’t had a single problem with them. I used to go through crank sets every few months, either from bending or twisting crank arms, but these Sadio Cranks have withstood quite the beating, and lived to talk about it. With an added pedal gusset, these guys are built to last. If you’re in the market for cranks, save yourself the trouble, and get 175’s. Screw toe clearance, it’s all about torque. Best upgrade I’ve ever made.


I made this Advertisement for iMiNUSD, of their boy Ed Wonka scoping out Hollywood High’s 12 stair handrail. While most people consider us to be, criminals, miscreants, and scoundrels, I like to think of us as architecture enthusiasts. We’re just here to admire, and make use of these beautiful architectural designs.


Pulled these close up screen grabs of Devon Lawson & I (Matt Reyes) from the Grime’s trip down to LA to film for Shredwell2. I went with the Grime team, to capture and contribute to the week long onslaught. Where Ed, Mike, Devo, Ant, Hambone, & I ran through some of the most famous Skate Spots in SoCal. Conquering what we sought out to get, and continuing to push limits of what can be done on these bikes.


I took this photo of Francis Roque throwing a barspin, his 1st day on his new PFIX. It’s been sitting in my flickr for a while, and I figured I’d post it now since it didn’t make the cut the 1st time around. For those who don’t know, he was the winner of our New Bike for a New Year contest. He’s been putting in work on the bike for a while now, and he already has better form than I do with those barspins. Pinch those knees.


Pulled these Screen Shots of some of the skate clips we got while we were down in LA filming for Shredwell2. The photo on top is of Krillz pushing around SF just before we headed down to SoCal in the Chrome Van. The second photo is of Jake hitting a board slide down Hollywood High’s 12 stair handrail. He ended up coming off the rail perfect, then blasted off the filming deck and suffered a possible broken hand.


Today I pulled out some unused photos and interviewed Wheel Talk’s very own, Scott Horton. He was one of the 1st good friends I made through riding fixed, and has been there since the beginning. Here’s a little look at the man behind the bike. (more…)


I put together this short gif of Mike Schmitt racking a feeble down this skinny hubba in the Presidio. The apartment complexes out there have some of the best street spots in the city. So many untouched treasures just waiting to be hit. I’ve been doing a ton of filming for the upcoming Grime video “Shredwell 2” and can’t wait to start piecing this beast together. This gif turned out great, he just keeps on going & going.


Caught this flick of Jeff Dempler stuffing a foot jam up on the curb, while we were all mobbing around in San Jose last weekend. He just made the move to SJ as well, making it the leading place to live if you’re into Fixed Freestyle.


Last weekend I took the train down to San Jose to do some riding and filming with everyone out there. Christian Hamrick just moved out to the West Coast and got a place in DTSJ w/ Mike Schmitt. It seems like everyone from the East Coast is making their way West. The top photo is a group shot of Hambone’s Bike, and the bottom is a shot of just about everyone. (Ed, Mike, Scott, Devon, Hamrick, Montoya, & Jeff)