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January 2012


Mike Schmitt caught this slightly over exposed shot of me while we were out filming in the Persidio last weekend. This tuck no into the steep/muddy grass bank was one of the last things we captured before the sun set on another mint day in the city. With tuck no handers it’s all about folding up like a lawn chair and touching your shoulder to that front wheel. They are almost like barspins, you just have to throw those bars.


Sean Coats & Mike Dinh are the Kenan & Kel of Fixed Gear. The two are literally attached at the hip, and I’ve never seen one, without the other. The dynamic duo do anything and everything together and are virtually inseparable. This is what riding bikes is all about, hanging out and having good times with your friends. I would have never met more than half of my really good friends if I never rode Fixed Freestyle.


Last week, Steven Jensen Came down to San Jose to ride and check out the fixed freestyle community here. I caught this photo of him posted up under the bridge while we sessioned the wet banks beneath it. Making the most out of a rainy day.


I caught this photo of Alfonso Garcia hitting a double peg on this bike rack while Sean Coats, Mike Dinh, and him were staying at my house this last week. It was killer having em’ up here and showing them what hidden spots San Francisco has to offer.


Mike has been rocking the BalHogs grip strip on his down tube for quite a while now, and he’s been utilizing it to come up with some rather unique maneuvers. Mainly for mobbing down hill with his feet off the pedals and ass tucked behind the seat. Hanging so far back off the bike. Head over to the BalHogs webstore and pick one up while they’re still around, I know I can’t wait to slap one on my whip.


Here’s a couple of the photos that Bryan Dempler took while we were hanging out, riding bikes on the beach yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how dense and smooth the sand close to the water actually was. Not quite concrete, but a hell of a lot easier than trying to do tricks on grass. This summer I plan on doing plenty of riding in this newly discovered playground, wearing nothing but shorts & shoes.
Photo Credit : Bryan Dempler


I recently just switched out my Hot Bars for a pair of the SADIO 420 Bars to test em’ out and see how they feel. I’ve only been running them for less than a week, but I can already tell I’m going to like the extra rise, and length. Check out more below. (more…)


Yesterday my roommates and I rode our bikes out to the beach, while the sun was shining and there was a break in the rain. I spent most of the day riding along the shoreline, utilizing the hard packed sand to do tricks in the thin glass water. I’ll have more pics of the day up in a bit, but for now this photo of my bike will have to suffice.


Here’s a sneak peek at a little something the guys over at GRIME have cooking up. I don’t want to say too much just yet. I’ll leave it to them to fill you in with the details. But from what I’ve seen they look solid, and they feel great. Bar height seems to continue to rise, and I don’t know where it’ll end up. What do yo think, how high is too high?


Here’s a look at some of the footage I shot of Mike Schmitt filming for Shredwell 2 on Day 1 of his stay in San Francisco. Mike can shred just about anything, and is always looking for innovative ways of riding spots. Check out more below. (more…)